Who Are We
Our Story
In the spring of 1996, Fikra was born as an advanced agency providing integrated services to different business sectors with strategic thinking, creativity &experience for the benefit of clients….
Fikra isn't a name painted on walls; it has been leaping from one success to another, Through our continuous searching for Fikra,s development; we achieved our big dream & established our own printing house in 2007.
we define clients' position in the market to help them gaining business growth through marketing intelligence. Simply, Fikra is the kingdom of ideas.
Our main goal is to shine our client's brand by focusing on turning reality into big ideas, delivering growth & providing value for our clients.
We are looking forward to continues upgrading our highest quality in marketing, advertising & production services to our clients. We are raising up together.

To become the leading advertising & marketing agency with a talented team ready for new challenges; by imagining with all our minds, believing with all our hearts & doing the undoable.

Defining client's needs & understanding the marketing & advertising plans with co-ordination & co-operation among all departments to achieve overall customer satisfaction & high quality deliverables to our clients.
Clearly, ideas sit at the heart of our philosophy which help us to make our clients different & unique in their markets.
We appreciate your trust & we pay it back with our professional end product & high care.