Years go & work goes on. Since FIKRA was just a dream until it achieved its position in the advertising market, we give all our efforts and time to serve our clients who give us all their trust. Our clients are our partners & their success is ours. We thank them for their belief in us and we wish to continue being a main contributor to their success. Our team is our main stone that all creative ideas come from. Every one of them has his own way and touch that makes soul of the work unique. Thanks to everyone for his great efforts.
It's the most challenging job in the advertising business. communicati-on has always been the theme behind what the advertising agency aspires to achieve ; it's based on deeply understanding of the mind, the psyche status & the behavior of the client . At Fikra , we are creating a brand from scratch & increase the competitive advantage of a brand or even re position a brand . we are also understanding the client & co-ordinate it with the creative designing department to satisfy the customer totally .

The graphic designer is our agency's artist who specializes in profession of visual communication that combines images , words & ideas to convey information to an audience especially to produce a special & unique effect . We do our best to deliver the best ideas that will lead to better results for our client's success .

Marketers , Art directors & copy writers create the concept behind the ads , but they don't literally make the advertising .
Making the ad as an end product is the job of the production man who is able to change & translate ideas & creative designs into high quality & reasonable end product & pay his appreciation back with final performed with highest standard .